Hack Night Vol.16

Hack Night Vol.16

In 2022.03.31 — The 16th meeting was organized at Moffice Coworking on AWS Billing.

The community allows engineers to share their experiences to meet new people, learn new things, and change their perspectives out of their comfort zone. In every city in the world, cloud enthusiasts create communities to grow together, for this reason in our country, a regular meetup called “AWS User Group of Mongolia” is officially approved by Amazon. 🤗

See the list of “AWS User Groups in Asia Pacific” at this link

Bilguun, a cloud engineer at Unimedia Solutions chaired the meeting and elaborated on the details of the postpaid cloud service fee. He also spoke about the steps to be taken to lower payments on the AWS platform and personal advice on how to develop skills on the cloud platform and how to prepare for certification exams effectively.

At the end of the meeting, a free Q&A session was held and the engineers got to know each other 🤝👍