Hack Night Vol.15

Hack Night Vol.15

On 2022.03.02

The AWS Engineering Community Meetup is back in Mongolia.

The community allows engineers to share their experiences to meet new people, learn new things, and change their perspectives out of their comfort zone. In every city in the world, cloud enthusiasts create communities to grow together, for this reason in our country, a regular meetup called “AWS User Group of Mongolia” is officially recognized by AWS. 🤗

Pandemic took a break, even so, our 15th meetup was organized at Moffice Coworking Space.
Cloud engineer Tuguldur D. /works at FIBO CLOUD/ created an automated solution to create multiple web containers and link them to a domain.

At the end of the meetup, Free Q&A session to show that one of the basic solutions used to create Shopify.com or Paas platform can be easily solved using AWS Route 53, Docker, Golang, Nginx, and Redis technologies 🤝👍

Upcoming speakers will also present interesting solutions for us. 🙂