Hack Night Vol.17

Hack Night Vol.17

In 2022.04.21 — The 17th meeting of the Hack Night series was organized at Moffice Coworking on the theme of AWS CDK 😎😎

Erdenazaya, who works remotely for Inveterate USA, chaired the meeting and shared her experience on the stage.

1. AWS CDK — Manage your cloud environment using program code.
2. Turing.com shared his experience of working for a US company full-time using a job placement platform.

Since then, the group has been renamed Cloud Community Ulaanbaatar and is expanding into a community of engineers interested in community cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Ora cloud, Alibaba, and Cloud.mn. All the information technology engineers share their experiences with others to help the community meet new people, learn, and expand their comfort zones.

📙 Join the Discord Group for more information: https://bit.ly/3PijOwt