Hack Night Vol.22

Hack Night Vol.22

On 2023/03/22 – This year continues to see explosions in AI.

One example of this is the ChatGPT project. The artificial intelligence can be integrated with other programs, and in this topic we have a technical talk about how to integrate it into your system.
Davkharbayar Myagmar, CTO of Fractal Technologies, was a speaker at this event, and he presented a possible solution to make a Messenger chatbot using cloud services (S3, Lambda, Translate) and ready-made tools such as Meta, Chimege, OpenAI, etc.

The event continued in the form of question and answer and getting to know each other and spent an evening with knowledge 🧠 and familiarity 🍕🍺.

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The next event will be on 4/4 to discuss cloud certificates. See you soon ✌️