Hack Night Vol.21

Hack Night Vol.21

On 2023.02.01 - Serverless & Passwordless
The trend of technology development is to make it easier for people to use and develop.

Perhaps the underlying infrastructure is already in place, and the tools that make it easier could be the next big business.

On this topic, Zolboobayar, CTO of Meta Global Inc., shared his experience as a speaker.

In the first part, we talked about the experience of moving the architecture to a serverless architecture, and explained the considerations and cost savings in this case.

The next section discusses the concept and application of how to develop Passwordless systems using biometrics and identification chips in devices without recording user passwords. This is solved by the FIDO alliance protocol, and the future trend is passwordless and easier to use.

The event continued in the form of question-and-answer and getting to know each other.

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ChatGPT will be discussed at the next event. See you soon ✌️👋
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