This Is My Architecture Session #1

This Is My Architecture Session #1

On June 8, 2019. We successfully organized our first architectural meetup “This Is My Architecture” Session #1 at HUB Innovation Center.

130 engineers were attended the event

The engineers were very grateful that Mongolian companies share their own technical solutions just like leading tech companies in the world show their architecture of their platform and coding solutions. We planned to hold this event twice a year. First companies to show their architecture in this serial sessions were & UBCab, both of which were successful in using AWS cloud on their platform and two of the leaders of the ecosystem.

Mongolian #1 e-commerce with 200,000 active visitors per month and ~450,000 products. It is the first Mongolian fully scalable platform on the cloud, meaning that they were built withiout on-premise servers. The team spent only 2 year to build the platform from scratch, showcasing the benefit of AWS cloud. They changed whole e-commerce ecosystem in Mongolia


UBCab is the Mongolian version of Uber, the very first taxi app in the country. They have 500 taxi drivers and get 5,000 call every day, leading the taxi service in Mongolia.

Speaker #1:

Mr.Gundsambuu Natsagdorj — CTO & CO-FOUNDER


He talked about shoppy’s main architecture in interesting ways that divided their platform into 3 different layers which are Frontend layer, Backend layer, and Artificial Intelligence layer. The main point was they decided to choose AWS as the main platform when they starting this project. They took a lot of advantages such as faster development progress, not worrying about huge infrastructures and fewer spendings. He mentioned that is all about “Time to market”. Also, he explained how they implemented DevOps methodology that improved the efficiency of the team’s workload.

Speaker #2:

Mr. Erdem Batsaikhan — ENGINEER & CO-FOUNDER @UBCab

ERDEM Batsaikhan — Engineer & CO-FOUNDER @UBCab

He disseminated openly his real experience of the reason why the system which he has developed for 2 years was migrated into AWS cloud without purchasing physical servers, and in particular, he shared the benefits that he derived from AWS and the information of how he solved the issues which were faced during the transition. Moreover, The general structure and architecture of the UBCab system were introduced and the pros and cons of each technology that has been chosen were discussed.

After every presentation, all the participants asked their curious questions and converse with each other, in other words, it was a “SPLENDID” meeting.


Not only the participants listened to the presentations, but the Workshop also allowed them to implement and practice some technologies of these solutions by themselves, and it made the event to become more special than traditional ones. For and UBCab’s technology engineers, they focused on the particular instances which took a lot of effort to develop, and they demonstrated how it can be solved in a much easier way, and participants acquired hands-on experience from the workshop.


At the end of the event, a question-answer competition was conducted among the participants, and Mr.Ankhbayar who works in Unimedia Solutions, Mr.Mygmarsuren who works in Woovoo company and Mr.Nurmuhamed who works in Golomt Bank, they were awarded T-Shirt with User Group badge and $250 credit coupon of AWS due to their successful answers.


The leaders, who are innovating new technologies and solutions, shared their knowledge and experience openly via “This is My Architecture”, and the event was encouraging the development of the local community.

The Co-Founder of the — CTO Mr. Gundsambuu.N — said that “I am really happy to share the knowledge and experience with others who intend to explore the adventure travel which we have already passed through, and it is really crucial to develop ourselves together and I will completely participate in the next event.”

Moreover, the Founder of the AWS User Group of Mongolia and the Co-Founder of FIBO CLOUD whose name is Mr. Ganjiguur.N said that “Nowadays, it is clear to see that there are many useful technology events is conducted every month, and the main reason is that we can exchange our knowledge and experience via these events in order to develop ourselves and the IT sector of Mongolia. Therefore, I am really happy to conduct again the event which can be a small part of development in Mongolia and there are many plans in our mind to enhance the activity, for instance, inviting the foreign experts to our event”
Engineering community is growing rapidly in UIaanbaatar