Hack Night Vol.9

Hack Night Vol.9

Failover management with DNS and deep dive into AWS Route 53

On 19th of Sep, 2019 — It was just the right time to set-up our next meetup. The Hacknight Vol.9 discussed through one of the common problems most of us as engineers face during the system development. It has been successfully organized by Amazon Web Service (AWS) — Mongolian User Group at HUB Innovation Center.

The created systems usually travel through 2 different ways. One of them is well known as HTTP 200 OK and it is obvious, we feel delighted when our created system works well. Nonetheless the days comes that the system goes travelling the opposite way, which is known as HTTP 404 Not Found. Tergel Munkhbat who works at Fibo Cloud as a Cloud Architect Engineer, has shared his knowledge on how Cloud technology has helped to manage this problem and what are the simple solutions to fix this problem with the help of DNS protocol.

Moreover, by using Route 53 he has provided examples on Simple, Weighted, Latency-based, Failover, Geolocation and Multivalue answer routing policy.

The next meet-up has already been announced on 10th of Oct, 2019. See you all there.