Hack Night Vol.14

Hack Night Vol.14

On 2020.08.20

A consecutive meeting of Mongolian engineers interested in Cloud computing has been held in HUB innovation center on the topic of Machine Learning (Deploying custom ML model to the cloud).

As we have been conducting the meetups remotely due to the COVID-19 social distancing, this event has been the first in-person meeting of this year. It was led by an engineer from And Systems Tech — Ochirgard.Ch who talked about how to set up your own custom model in a cloud environment without using AWS’ ML service. To elaborate, he discussed new concepts emerging in Data Science, such as MLOps, ModelStore. Custom ML model can be deployed in AWS in the following three ways:
- EC2
- Lambda
- SageMaker

Our community appreciates and thanks the And System Tech team for making time to prepare and present to us an interesting content. 🙏🙏

The upcoming meetups will be led by Amazon engineers and local engineers from CallPro and FIBO Cloud, Stay tuned! 😎😎