Cloud Community UB 🇲🇳 co-organized meetup with Astana Hub 🇰🇿

Cloud Community UB 🇲🇳 co-organized meetup with Astana Hub 🇰🇿

On 2022.07.21,

Ganjiguur, the organizer of Cloud Community Ulaanbaatar, together with Astana Hub, the heart of Central Asian IT startups located in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, gave a presentation on topic "Building a scalable system on Cloud".

The presentation consisted of 3 main parts, and the first part touched on the differences between Mongolia's IT ecosystem and the technology stack of engineers.

In the second part, the important understanding that should be taken into account in making a scalable system is explained in detail at the theoretical level, but without making it too complicated. He talked about the important role of cloud computing technology in order to do this. Cloud services corresponding to each section and its use, simple configuration and billing model are also discussed.

Part 3 explains the essential concepts of cloud technology and the differences between Iaas, Paas, and Saas and what advantages they bring to developers.

In addition to AWS, he talked about the differences between the services of domestic cloud providers such as Yandex cloud and PS service, and shared his experience with other related technologies to build scalable systems such as Kubernetes and OpenShift.

The activities of the Astana Hub educational programs office are aimed at fueling the pool of Kazakhstani talents in the field of IT through the popularization of technology entrepreneurship and training skills necessary to create a technology startup.

The feedback from the people who attended the event was very high and they say that they learned a lot of things they didn't know. Also, the speech was broadcasted live on the social channels of the Astana hub.